Python and Gtk

simonb at simonb at
Mon Aug 6 17:03:15 CEST 2001

>I begin with Python and Gtk and I have some unresolved question : 
>I use Gtkinter and I have notice that a lot of gtk (or gdk) object miss in 
>the module. How can I do when I need these objects (for example 
do you mean pygtk?
if not, try it, it is great!
email list is: pygtk at
The best way to start with pygtk is
to start working with gtk and then
look at the pygtk examples,
and then some detective work...

>Where can I find the prototype (type of arguments) of a callback function 
>must have (for example where can I find the type of arguments of a button 
>pressed callback funtion)?
>PS : I apologize for my english... (i am french)

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