A survey of Python IDEs

Justin Doak jdoak at lanl.gov
Mon Aug 27 21:08:43 CEST 2001

Skip Montanaro wrote:
>     Justin> ... the GUI builder should be cross-platform (i.e., the code it
>     Justin> generates should work on Windows and Linux at least) and an open
>     Justin> source tool is preferable to a commercial one for cost
>     Justin> reasons.... If anyone has any thoughts on this matter, I'd love
>     Justin> to hear them.
> You might want to check out the gtk/gnome-python/libglade/pyglade
> combination.

Interestingly enough, this was my first choice. I have experience using
this at my previous employer and was quite happy with it. (Note also the
GladeBase module written by Mitch Chapman,
http://www.bioreason.com/~brian/GladeBase.html. It automatically hooks
up callbacks to Python code and looks for .glade files off your
PYTHONPATH.) However, for the project I'm currently on, we need to
support both Linux and Windows environments. A little investigation
revealed that Gtk did not appear to be well supported on Windows. It
seemed that someone had attempted a port, but it was troublesome and
they weren't going to support it. If all these tools are reasonably well
supported on Windows, perhaps I can seriously consider this option
again. Is anyone using these tools on a linux box to develop GUIs, then
running them, reasonably trouble-free, on Windows?

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