simple example of mimelib? and embedding (not attaching) images in email sent with python.

Stephen shriek at
Tue Aug 14 15:26:26 CEST 2001

I've looked through the archives regarding using smtplib and the 
numerous MIME related modules for sending email messages with attachments.  
I've found various solutions, some of which no longer seem to work, and 
was quite surprised how this seemingly banal task has caused so much trouble. 
However, in Microsoft Outlook, it's possible to embed image files into
the actual message as opposed to having them attached.  This way, they 
display when the recipient views the message.  Just how does one compose
a message like that with Python may I ask? 

Also if I read between the lines of some posts in the archive, is it 
safe to assume that mimelib is the way to go for future MIME manipulation?
If so, would it be asking too much for a simple example snippet showing
how it is used becaues I can't work out where to start with it. In fact
I'm off to download Mailman in order to read the source and see how it uses
mimelib.  This is overkill on a par with taking apart your Range Rover in 
order to learn how carburetors work.  

Thank you for your patience.


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