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>> i have an application that generates MS Word documents.  the
>> generating part works fine.  the trouble is that often while one
>> document is being written a second one will be started.  when this
>> happens, the second document becomes the default, both automating
>> processes only write to the default one making for a big mess (one
>> document with stuff in it from two controlling programs). 
>I have heard that Word's automation interface (or whatever you want to
>call it) won't permit the isolation you require, at least for Word 97.
>So, perhaps a queuing system is the order of the day for what you are
>trying to achieve.

Some help might be here:

I haven't looked through them (and other linked KB articles) enough to be 
sure, but I vaugely remember summing up that a queue would be necessary.

I'd be very interested to hear of any discoveries you make concerning this, 
so please post your findings.


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