constant in python?

liam lcampbell at
Sat Aug 18 16:35:12 CEST 2001

agreed, its fine to leave it to yourself to know not to change a constant
but if its a big project constants would be a nice plus so your associates
dont mess thing up, accidently?
"Michael Ströder" <michael at> wrote in message
news:3B7E5390.C6966CAD at
> Brian Quinlan wrote:
> >
> > > i found a similar example on the net i was just making sure.
> > > seems kinda alot of work just to get a constant. even perl
> > > has "use constant" and thats about the ugliest language around :)
> >
> > The questions is why do you need explicit language support for
> > constants? Just don't change the value and it should behave constant
> > enough for you.
> To avoid that another developer in the team changes the constant
> accidently?
> Ciao, Michael.

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