Ayelet Snir ayelet at
Wed Aug 29 19:44:27 CEST 2001


We are new users of Python, and we though you might be able to help us in a
problem we're dealing:

We have a project, written in Python and also C. Notice that we call to the
C part from Python, using SWIG.
In this project, we created 2 threads in the Python part:
While moving from C to Python, we use: PyEval_AcquireLock, and swap the
thread state. (On the other direction, we use: PyEval_ReleaseLock and swap
the state back.)
Till here, everything worked great.
We tried to start another new thread, using the method start_new. We got the
next message:
Fatal Python error: PyEval_AcquireThread : non-NULL old thread state

Ayelet & Michal
Kagoor Networks LTD

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