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forwarding to the list as this was only sent to me.
btw bart, my 1st name is prasad. what u see in mail is the address
translation by the
M$ exchange server, it puts it the other way round i guess.
/prasad gadgil.
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It is interesting to do a google search on this and related topics.  The Uni
that I work for has $A300 mil worth of building and $A??? mil in plant and
equipment, managed by less then 30 people.  Look for Facility Management
software in the Free Software/Open source movement and there is very little.
Do a Help desk search and it is overwhelmingly IT related.  There are
billions of $ worth of building out there and millions who are trying to run
and maintain them and it is hard to find software to help us. 

I did a search for CA's Advanced Help Desk and it is propriety (CA gives
nothing away) and is probably a good product.  It is IT focused.  If it was
Free Software/Open sourced the I would be able to look at it and change to
suit me (assuming I knew the programing language).  I manage buildings and
services.  I want a tool that I can afford and modify to suit my self.  I
have an itch and it seems that nobody has a back-scratcher and hence I have
started to make my own. 

Any one else itchy?  Talk to me and wE'LL build ouR OWN YOU BEAUT
BACK-SCRATCHER... pant, pant, pant 

Sorry, getting all worked up :-) 


BTW.  a cultural question?  Which is your given name i.e. which name do
people use when they talk to you.  In the west it is the first one.  In my
case it is Bart 




we are currently useing a sw 'Advanced Help Desk' (CA) which 
is a sort of Object Ori. Framework for the inter-organization 
helpdesk tasks. The IT req is currently automated. Though 
FM will also be interesting to be added to it's tasks. 

I am more involved in customisation of this OO framework sw 
and from what I have seen, has a fairly clean design. 

this effort seems interesting, if only to learn python to me. 
btw AHD uses, rdbms in backend, a java OR web-clnt to connect 
to the AHD server to log calls update them etc. 




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