Python Web Site Copier?

Paul Sidorsky paulsid at
Sun Aug 12 19:27:38 CEST 2001

Roeland Rengelink wrote:

> Paul Sidorsky wrote:
> >
> > Has anybody written a Python version of a utility like sitecopy?  (For
> > synchronizing a web site on a server with a copy maintained on one's hard
> > drive.)  From my search, I see that a few months ago somebody was working on a
> > Python wrapper for sitecopy, but I would prefer a pure-Python solution for a
> > variety of reasons (which I won't go into).

> In the Tools/webchecker/ directory of your (well, mine at least) Python
> distribution
> there is a script called which might be what you're looking
> for.

Hmmm, upon rereading my description it looks like I was ambiguous about what
exactly I was trying to do.  Sorry about that.  I'll try to clarify:

I have a web site that I update by editing a local copy on my hard drive.  When
I change pages locally I then have to upload all of the changed pages to the
server via FTP; this is what I'm looking to automate.  Thus I'm trying to do
the opposite of what websucker and the other suggestions seem to do.  They take
an existing web site and create a mirror copy on my HD, whereas I'm taking a
site on my HD and creating a mirror (of sorts) on the server.  I guess I didn't
specify in which direction I was "synchronizing"!

sitecopy ( does more-or-less what I want but as I
said I am looking for an existing Python script if one is out there.  Writing
such a script actually kind of looks like fun but of course I'd rather not do
it if somebody else already has.  Summer break is only so long.  :-)

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