Deposing Dictators

Tim Peters at
Tue Aug 14 08:45:57 CEST 2001

[Arthur_Siegel at]
> Nor do most of the community focus particularly or care
> more than superficially about the CP4E initiative.  Happens
> I follow it closely and my involvement with Python is focused
> there.
> So I am reporting from the front.
> And yes I quite resent and find destructive the prominence of
> the role and access given to Carnegie Mellon.
> How do I say this without sounding harebrained.
> ...

I'm afraid it's too late <0.5 wink>.  In response to a msg where I urged you
repeatedly to read the darn PEP, and spelled out what a small role Alice and
VPython have played in all this (perhaps seminal, perhaps not, but a drop in
the bucket regardless), it's still the only thing you talk about.

That's fine, but you should argue with the VPython developers now.  Your
argument surely isn't with Python's PEP 238, because you've had nothing to
say about the PEP!  One last time:  VPython is irrelevant to PEP 238 at this
stage.  If you want to talk about the PEP, cool, but I don't have time to
care about VPython.

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