Question about indentation and bugs

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Fri Aug 24 07:15:51 CEST 2001

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> Dave Swegen wrote:
> > So my question (or rather questions) is this: In practice, how often do
> > such problems crop up?  How does one go about avoiding such problems? Is
> > there any way at all to make explicit where a block ends?
> *In practice*, this is rare enough to be acceptable.  Proper
> education of programmers using Python makes its occurrence
> effectively negligible.  It does happen that somebody tries
> to edit some code with an editor which displays tabs as
> four characters (a Very Bad Thing), but this is usually
> caught quite quickly and fixed.

Somewhere early on I missed this point.  I caught it some time later and now
used an editor that interprets a tab as four spaces.  In practice now I get
caught mostly by dropping the colon and doing test with a single equals


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