(module I found)

Martijn Faassen m.faassen at
Wed Aug 1 21:26:31 CEST 2001

Andrew Dalke <dalke at> wrote:
> Martijn Faassen wrote:
>>I've found this module somewhere linked from the Vaults of Parnassus,
>>but then my browser crashed and I can't find the link anymore. Did it
>>disappear from the vaults?

> Sorry about that.  There was some problems with the systems last
> night (related to being down) and the code you sent around
> had some problems in it that exercised the system flaws.  Things
> should be cleared up by now.

[snip lots of useful advice to whomever originally wrote]

Okay, you used 'you' but I didn't write that module. It seems badly
written though obviously it's a nice idea to finally have 'grok'.
Perhaps you can send in some patches to the original author?

I don't know what's up with this PSU filtering thing, you'd think that

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