(beginner) question on threads...

Fred Pacquier fredp at mygale.org.nospam
Fri Aug 31 18:47:34 CEST 2001

Skip Montanaro <skip at pobox.com> said :

> I think you can just create a suitable subclass of
> SocketServer.TCPServer. In my XML-RPC server, I did:
>     class GenericServer(SocketServer.ThreadingMixIn,
>     SocketServer.TCPServer): 
>         """generic XML-RPC server class"""
>         ...
> Each request to my server is handled in a separate thread.
By Jove, it works ! Python will never cease to amaze me...
I probably got more than I bargained for, though : now I need to understand 
_why_ it just works -- and probably have to delve into that "mixin" stuff I 
was saving for later too :-)

Thanks for the tip, Skip ! (hey, that sounds like an old Paul Simon song :)

YAFAP : http://www.multimania.com/fredp/

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