Sketch build/install problem

Grant Edwards grante at
Thu Aug 16 22:02:56 CEST 2001

In article <6qr8ub4x2g.fsf at>, Bernhard Herzog wrote:

> Well, today (16th) at least the mailing list worked.

Hmm, I still haven't seen anything.  I'll keep an eye on it for
a few days and then try unsubscribing/resubscribing.

>> I just upgraded sketch to 1.6.12 (1.6.8 had been working but I
> I think you mean 0.6.x, unless you've borrowed Guido's time machine :)

Ah, yes.

> Here's a patch:


That fixed it.  Now it doesn't run because doesn't
match tk.h.  I've got tk installed in so many places/versions
it's a wonder anything works.  I installed RedHat's Source
Navigator in January and it caused major breakage -- and I
think this is just another result of that.  :(

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