Py 1.5.2 -> Py 2.1.1 broke regular expression?

Stefan Schwarzer s.schwarzer at
Sun Aug 12 00:45:54 CEST 2001

Hello Roman

Thanks for your reply.

Roman Suzi schrieb:
> >[...]
> >First, I thought it was because of the number of IRC sessions but the program
> >fails with the second pattern even for few (5) sessions. It used to handle
> >much larger numbers.
> >
> >Any hints? A bug or a change in the regular syntax; anything else?

(should have been "regular expression syntax", of course)

> I too encounterd such problem even without "(?=" construct... and it
> healed itself when I reduced the number of lines in the file.

Did it also work with Python 1.5.2 but not with Python >1.5.2 ?

> I was in hurry and forgot to record conditions of trouble.
> But I remember I too used cross-end-of-line patterns ("\n"-s)
> but not \Z.
> It is not safe in Python 2.x to let re's loose on some big file.

Uhm, the file has 5200 lines in it. I think that _should_ not cause any
problems, so it seems like a bug to me.


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