Zero division error!

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Thu Aug 2 20:00:52 CEST 2001

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Prem Rachakonda <prem at> wrote in
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> Hi,
> I am writing a script for 'cubic spline interpolation' and when there is 
> a float value = 0.004, it is rounded off to zero and I am getting a
> Zero Division error. Is it a python bug?
> x=array([2.056, 2.06, 2.064, 2.068, 2.072, 2.076, 2.08, 2.084, 2.088,
> 2.092, 2.096, 2.1, 2.104])

you are using the array module, i dont know that but i see in the docs that 
it has s specific data type. have you choosen integers as type? only type 
'f' and 'd' can store decimal fractions.

chris <cliechti at>

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