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Wed Aug 15 19:23:51 CEST 2001

"david jansen" <david at> wrote in message
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> Python community,
> I help develop a text editor called EmEditor and we are about to focus

It would have been helpful to mention that this editor is only
released for various Windows versions according to its website.

Therefore, it can only be of interest to people looking for a
Windows-only tool -- which is fine, since Python is excellent
even for Windows-only use (and Linux-only use, etc), but many
of us prefer cross-platform tools such as the amazing SciTE
(190K download for a fully functional editor/lightweight IDE
for Windows, great support for a zillion languages, excellent
Linux versions, AND nothing to pay in any case at all, as well
as all source available for inspection, study, fixing, ...).
EmEditor's download is 800K, btw, not bad compared with
downloading VIM or Emacs of course.


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