Any comments? My draft of a new PEP.

Courageous jkraska1 at
Sat Aug 18 18:35:45 CEST 2001

>Could you add 'protocol' to the reserved keyword list?

directive                I like this, as compilers need pragmas sometimes
foreign                   What's this for?
interface                I like this, too, but wonder what the argument is in
                                 favor of _needing_ it
static                      Would rather gouge my eyes out. We already have
                                class- and module- level attributes. The only possible
                                use for it is method- and function- level statics which are
                                bad programming practice and "not very OO," imo.
yield                      Misfortunate word for its evocation of thread semantics;
                                Would have rather had "produce" or "result" or some such.
protocol                What's this for?
abstract                How is this necessary if we have interface?

Personally I would like to add:

declare, strict

Perhaps I should write a PEP. :-)


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