Python, COM and scripting Word

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Wed Aug 8 20:52:19 CEST 2001

"Eugene Morozov" <jmv at> wrote in message
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> Hello!
> I'm playing with Python, COM and Word and I'm very impressed. It's a
> shame that no such thing exist under Unix. But I'm actually interested
> if it is possible to run Python scripts directly from Word, binding
> them to the toolbar buttons, for example?
> Eugene
You could do that indirectly, by implementing COM objects in Python and then
creating and manipulating them from VBA. You're having so much fun with this
stuff you should really get a copy of Hammond and Robinson's "Python
Programming on Win32" if you haven't already. I assume you haven't yet
because it explains how to do all this neat stuff in a lot of detail.


-- Bertrand Russell

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