PyQt binary for Windows....but?

Greg Copeland gtcopeland at
Tue Aug 21 20:31:44 CEST 2001

Does the KDE libs also work?  Last I looked, PyQT was really made up of
two libraries.  Once was the qt lib and the other way the kde lib.  Does
the KDE lib work/come with the Win distro?


dinceraydin at (Dincer Aydin) writes:

> VC6 is needed for C++ development with QT. pyQT has a binary version
> for the non-commercial QT. The installer file is
> (4.4 MB). The
> non-commercial QT installer is at
> (10.8 MB), if you do not have it yet.
> After installing QT and pyQT , I tried running some of the pyQT
> examples but sip.dll could not be found. I manually put it in the
> python21/DLLs directory , and all worked fine.
> Also, I noticed a small caveat in the non-comercial QT. The main
> window caption always starts with "[Freeware]". I noticed that if the
> caption you set up has the letters "Qt" (case sensitive), "[Freeware]"
> disappears.
> While not complete, the book at
> may be worth taking a look.
> Dincer Aydin
> bobh at (Robert) wrote in message news:<4a249347.0108131604.44a5c4fc at>...
> > I do not have VC6 which is needed to compile the Qt stuff from
> > Trolltech. If memory serves me right wasn't this package about a year
> > ago with a DLL? I used it then because everything came in the *box* so
> > to speak. I really like the way Python works with Qt and would really
> > like to use it.
> > 
> > I DO play on getting Black Adder when it comes out of beta but I
> > wanted to get a jumpstart on learning PyQt before the book comes out.
> > Oh well...still in a holding pattern.
> > 
> > Bob

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