Typing system vs. Java

Alex Martelli aleaxit at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 10 22:02:57 CEST 2001

"Donn Cave" <donn at drizzle.com> wrote in message
news:997465342.347061 at yabetcha.sttl.drizzle.com...
> worth rehashing that all over again, but the performance benefit
> was only a beneficial potential side effect - some people actually
> have the demented view that static typing is an asset in itself.

I know people like that, except the stricture they idolize is
*discipline*.  They're generally infantry or marines guys (and/or
gals) -- I come from a family tradition of artillery (on my dad's
side), with superb respect for technical mastery and none for
obeying stupid orders, and cavalry (on my mother's side --
her dad's, actually), with core values centering on courage
and audacity (I'd call them suicidal inconscience), and, again,
very little admiration for restraint and quiet obedience (me?
I managed to avoid military service, but I did serve my time
as a Pascal-and-dialects-thereof coder...:-).


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