Wild-eyed thinking aloud: Python System Management Infrastructure

Tom Bryan tbryan at python.net
Fri Aug 3 19:16:29 CEST 2001

William Annis wrote:

>         Recently I have found myself designing a database-driven
> system to keep track of our machines, what they do, where they sit,
> etc., and I keep thinking "William, you should write an
> *infrastructure* for all this system junk you do."  
>         I'd rather not do this alone. So, if there are other Unix
> admins, or NT admins, for that matter, who want to see their favorite
> language used to develop something like this and are willing to do
> some actual work, please contact me.  If there's no interest, I'll
> just crawl back into my office and hush up. :)

I'm not a sys admin, and I'm rather overcommitted right now, but this 
idea certainly does not sound crazy.  If you're serious about doing 
some work on it and you plan to use an OSI-approved Open Source 
license, then you should consider setting up a project page at 
http://www.sourceforge.net/  Create a project web page and post your 
design.  Start a mailinglist for your developers.  Discuss the project 
and hack up a prototype that you can play with and refine.  Throw 
away the prototype and try again.  Repeat.

Post on comp.lang.python.announce whenever you have a new stable 

Good luck,

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