Two Jython Questions

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ME stands for messy exception.

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I figured it out and now jython is working in Windows ME.
Using JAVA.EXE that comes with Sun SDK ver 2, and including the path to the
RT.JAR in CLASSPATH led to this problem.  Removing it from the CLASSPATH
removed the problem.  In Windows NT, RT.JAR in CLASSPATH is OK.  I maybe
missing some other setting that led to this.  But I'll figure it out.
I needed to make this work, because I sold our team where I work the idea of
using Python for all their scripting needs and they already like it a lot.
Now I want to introduce them into Jython and I needed to figure out how to
make this thing work so as to make it easy on everyone.

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> Thank you all for the replies.  But I am dumpfounded (or is dumbfounded?)
> Again it quit working and apparently it can not find the CLASSPATH.  The
> CLASSPATH is in the environment.  But I can see clearly that it just is
> picking the path.  And for some reason Jython likes to use one particular
> JAVA.exe that came with the Java runtime for quicktime.
> This is simply confusing.  I'll just sleep on it and deal with it again
> weekend.  Things have a way of working themselves out.  I can see the
> of Jython.  Only if this mess of  classpaths is worked out.  But also
> Windows ME itself is the mess!
> Maan
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> > > From: Maan M. Hamze [mailto:mmhamze at]
> > > Mats
> > > I figured out how to run things and how to set the path of classes.
> > > However, I am still running into one problem.  I am compiling
> > > a file
> > > into test.class using jythonc and keep getting this error on
> > > running the
> > > class file:
> > > Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Test
> > > By the way, I discovered that it creates too.
> >
> > Sounds to me like you have the code set up like this ...
> >
> > #
> >
> > class Test
> >
> >     # some stuff
> >
> > Now, Java (and Python for the most part) is case-sensistive on the
> > filesystem level. So, when you compile '' you end up with
> > 'test.class'.
> >
> > Then in your Java code you try to use the class 'Test'. It then searches
> for
> > a file called 'Test.class' - and doesn't find it!
> >
> > Try renaming your file to '' (note case) and try again.
> >
> > Tim Delaney
> >

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