REPOST: Re: Is learning Python "extraordinary"?

Daniel Yoo dyoo at
Sun Dec 30 19:54:30 EST 2001

Tim Peters < at> wrote:
: [Jesse F. W]
:> 	I am a high school senior, and like many others, I am applying
:> to college.  I am applying to MIT (as well as many other schools).
:> MIT describes what they are looking for as students who do or have
:> done "extraordinary things".  My question is this, Is teaching myself
:> Python (with the aid of the Python tutorials and some help from the
:> various lists) an "extraordinary thing"?

> It shows intellectual curiosity and self-motivation, two things any
> admissions board smiles on.  However, for MIT, you should make clear
> that your studies have convinced you Python is merely a bad
> implementation of Scheme <wink>.

Or that one can use Python to implement a Scheme... *grin*

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