Another distutils question

Fernando Pérez fperez528 at
Thu Dec 20 22:33:44 CET 2001

Martin von Loewis wrote:

> Fernando =?ISO-8859-1?Q?P=E9rez?= <fperez528 at> writes:
>> Thanks Martin. I actually have PyXML and did see the setupext/
>> stuff, I just didn't want to add yet another extraneous module to my
>> package. I'm trying to stick to the standard tools when possible,
>> and my case was simple enough that an ugly kludge allowed me to make
>> it work (but *really* ugly).
> Please understand that I'm still using standard tools. distutils was
> specifically designed to allow commands to be overridden, and this
> is what I'm doing (thanks to Rene Liebscher, BTW, for providing the
> original version of install_data).

I understand. What I meant to say is I don't want to add another module to my 
package, and using yours (or Rene's, I guess) would require adding it in, 
since it isn't 'standard' in the sense of being included in Python's 
distribution. Does that make sense or am I still mistaken?

>> I did like a lot the enhanced install though. It seems like the kind
>> of functionality that's badly needed in distutils. Any chance of
>> that making it into the standard for new releases?
> distutils is currently unmaintained. Volunteer contributions are
> greatly appreciated.

Big bummer. Unfortunately I have my hands more than full right now, so I'll 
have to live with my ugly hacks. At least they work, for now. If in the 
future I need more, I might just use Rene's install_x package and be done 
with it.

Thanks for your info though. I hope distutils doesn't die though. It seems 
like an important part of Python.



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