Who needs exceptions (was Re: Two languages, too similar, competing in the same space.)

Nils Kassube nika at kassube.de
Sat Dec 29 20:33:30 CET 2001

gerson.kurz at t-online.de (Gerson Kurz) writes:

[Error checking without exceptions]

Okay, now think about how useful your approach is if you call more than
one function and there is more than one possible way of things going
wrong. Do you really want to maintain error codes this way and give 'em 
to the function calling your function? 

> So ? After all, C doesn't need it, and I think few C programmers would
> call this feature the "most missing", or? 

C and programmers who like C should die a slow and painful death for
holding back the computer industry for two decades.  

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