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Luca Fini lfini at arcetri.astro.it
Wed Dec 5 05:02:41 EST 2001

On Wed, 5 Dec 2001, Duke wrote:

> I am looking to learn Python/Tkinter.  I'm a competent C/C++/Java
> programmer, however I don't have any experience with Tcl/Tk.  I think I can
> easily pick up Python from the stuff I found linked on python.org, however I
> would be interested in any or all resources specifically addressing
> Tkinter - if there are any which cater to a beginning Python user, all the
> better.

The Tkinter tutorial was good for me. I had a little experience in window 
based programming in IDL and some development with LabWindows/CVI. See:


> The other alternative is to buy a book.  There only seems to be one specific
> to this (Python and Tkinter Programming, John E. Grayson) and it's gotten
> mixed reviews as far as I can tell.  Should I give Tcl a shot as well?

I didn't and lived quite well

> Seems to me that Python is, in a way, competing with Tcl as the scripting
> engine behind the Tk toolkit.  If I learn Tcl/Tk first would it be
> relatively simple to move over to Python/Tkinter?

I do not believe so. I do not know tcl at all but I've had a look to a
"python/tcl/basic" based introduction to programming tutorial
(http://www.crosswinds.net/~agauld/) for the very beginner and tcl looks
very ugly as a programming language. My feeling is that Tk will survive
only because it has very strong bundles with python and perl.

> And oh yeah, I've always hated GOOEY programming and this is the first
> compromise I am willing to make to get something going on the
> non-command-line front ;)
> Thx.
> P.S.  Anyone recommending vxPython instead?  My main gripe would be that it
> wouldn't run in KDE while Tkinter should run in both it & GNOME.  Easy[er]
> Windblows client libs install is a plus.

I started a thread some days ago about a comparison of various widget 
building environments, namely Tkinter, wxWindows, PyQt and pygtk. You can 
look in dejanews for the details. Anyway applications built from all of 
the toolkits can run indifferently on KDE, Gnome and windows too.


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