Manoj Plakal plakal at
Mon Dec 10 23:06:17 CET 2001

Michael Hudson wrote:

> cmkleffner at (cmkl) writes:
>>Really cool,
>>during development I'm able to put several lines with
>> pyrepl.python_reader.ReaderConsole(vars(), 0, None).interact()
>>within the code, even inside functions!
>>All I need is 'import pyrepl.python_reader' at the beginnig of 
>>the module. Now I can estimate the state of the programm interactivly 
>>within the scope of the function - break pyrepl with CTRL<D> - proceed
>>with the script and take a break at the next line with pyrepl....
>>Some kind of debugging with hardcoded breakpoints or
>>'debbuging for dummies'. This is the thing I was looking for!
> Heh, that is quite a neat idea.  Certainly one that hadn't occurred to
> me.
> BTW, pyrepl can integrate itself somewhat into pdb (see for
> details), but it's not that thorough yet.

            Being able to have an interactive shell inside arbitrary
            points in a program is cool for debugging. BTW, this
            functionality is provided by the "Interactive Debug Probe"
            in Wing IDE ( You can stop the program
            at any point and then launch a shell in the context of the
            stack frame where you stopped.


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