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Peter Hansen peter at
Wed Dec 26 21:06:26 EST 2001

"Igor V. Rafienko" wrote:
>             try:
>                 <begin transaction>
>                 <check external factors>
>                 <for each item in group>
>                     <update item in db>
>                 <commit transaction>
>             except ExternalFactorError:
>                 <log error>
>             except DBError:
>                 <log error>
> I have 2 questions:
> * In the innermost try-except there is a possibility for other
>   exceptions than ExternalFactorError and DBError. How can I catch
>   _all_ other exceptions than these two[*]? I'm not so much interested
>   in error itself, but rather whether it occured. I.e. I'm looking for
>   C++'s "catch (...)" construct in Python.

A simple "except:" will do the trick.  Importing sys
and using sys.exc_info() would let you find the details,
per examples you could find posted in comp.lang.python/
in the mailing list archives.  Remember to follow up with
a "raise" to re-raise the exception, after you've recorded
the fact of its occurrence.

> [*] is there a type that _all_ python object inherit from? (I know
> about exceptions.Exception, but I do not want to rely on whether third
> party modules actually inherit from it)

Nope (although 2.2 adds the new "object" class which moves in
this direction).  But I think it's considered bad form *not* to
derive from exceptions.Exception, and I've read that raising
strings instead of objects may eventually be deprecated.
You could always do "except Exception:" followed by a
totally general "except:" with the latter being considered
a fatal error if you wanted to double-check a 3rd party lib.

Peter Hansen, P.Eng.
peter at

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