values of sys.platform? for a serial port lib

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Sun Dec 30 07:00:58 CET 2001

Chris Liechti <cliechti at> wrote in message news:<Xns9186DE5C2F6CDcliechtigmxnet at>...
> i've written a portable serial port library. it runs now on linux and win32

Are you aware of Isaac Barona's Universal Serial Port Python Library?

Isaac says on his web page:
I started looking for Python modules to access serial port and I found
the following projects:

    * win32comport_demo from the win32 extension module
    * win32comm module of wheineman at
    * Sio Module of Roger Rurnham (rburnham at
    * pyxal (Python X10 Abstraction Layer) of Les Smithson
(lsmithson at

but they were not multi-platform, were just a wrap of propietary
libraries or were just simple examples of serial port access.

How do the design goals of your library differ from USPP?  How do you
intend to license it?  USPP uses the IMHO restrictive GPL.

Disclaimer:  I've never used USPP.

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