US taxes: parsing postscript and/or pdf?

Harry George hgg9140 at
Mon Dec 31 15:01:47 EST 2001

First, is anyone already doing a python-based US federal tax package?
(I see the C/gnome gnutaxes, but it appears to be dead.)

If not, my next approach is to download IRS forms in PDF or
Postscript, and then manipulate those templates.  That requires
parsing the pdf or postscript, detecting named fields, putting in new
data, and regenrating the printable format.

Reportlab might help with pdf output, and postscript can be output
with raw write commands.  But what is available for parsing the
templates?  E.g., is there a library out of "gv" or "xpdf" which has
python bindings?

Harry George
hgg9140 at

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