[Tutor] An hour's talk on python...Suggestions required (fro m a newbie)

alan.gauld at bt.com alan.gauld at bt.com
Mon Dec 24 05:51:00 EST 2001

> Ours is mainly a java shop.

So definitely include Jython and how you can use all 
those familiar Java class libraries while writing the 
code in the much higher level Python...

Some examples should quite easily show a 30-50% code 
reduction in Jython vv Java... Thus a perfect prototyping 
language for Java heads.

> I was planning to take an introductory session on python.

There are several slide presentations on the python web site
that you could 'learn from' - ie plagiarise...

> w'd want to try it out unless and otherwise they can see lots of
> supporting tools and libraries.

How about all the Java stuff plus the 100+ standard modules 
plus another 100 or so on the web?

> 1. functional programming in python

Good article on the IBM site

> 2. about new features that have been included in 2.2?

Read the 'whats new papers'

> 3. threading as for as tools/libraries are concerned,

Not quite sure what you mean here...

> 4. GUI : Tkinter

Yes, Or AWT if they want to keep with Java
Or pyQt/PyGTK if they are Linux fans.

Or even all three to show how easy core functionality 
can be ported over different GUIs. - a bit more work 
there tho'

> 5. xml?? : the one which ships with standard module or something else?
> 6. cgi:

If you must, but web stuff is a bit passe now.
Might be better looking at SOAP or XML/RPC.
Python is blindingly good at the latter compared to Java!

> But i want to develop some interest here @ my place.
> Any suggestion w'd be of great help to me.

IMHO The real advantages of Python are that it is a 
scripting tool that can handle large projects so you 
get all the advantages of scripting languages like Perl
but with the control and organisation of compiled 
languages like C++/Java/Delphi etc.

Its brilliant for prototyping and for tool building.
And as your list of topics proves, extremely versatile.

Alan G.

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