Calling a generator multiple times

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Mon Dec 10 01:05:13 EST 2001

Not intending to fan flames, but...

Tim Peters wrote:
> The obviousness of that is *why* there's a BDFL Pronouncement:  you're not
> going to convince anyone, and nobody else is going to convince you.  Some
> people have convinced *themselves* to switch positions, though, based on
> experience with the new feature.  I've only seen that switch go in one
> direction, though, tending to confirm that Guido's intuition was correct.

That last seems almost a truism. Which person seems more likely?

1.  Someone who, having adopted a position, finds their position
    vindicated by a BDFL Pronouncement, resulting in the implementation
    of a feature in their favorite flavor, then turns around and says
    "no, sorry, was wrong, the other way was better".

2.  Someone who, having adopted a position, finds their position
    rejected by the same BDFL Pronouncement, but swallows their pride
    and stops tilting at windmills, gets used to the way things are,
    and finds that it's not so bad after all.

I'd say just the fact that the feature is implemented and available for all
to use, in itself, virtually *guarantees* that there will be a preponderance
of converts to that feature. In the rare case that I don't agree with a
Pronouncement, I'm definitely in the same, pragmatic camp as person 2.

Guido designed a wonderful language: tastes great, *and* less filling.

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