Idiomatic portable way to strip line endings?

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Sun Dec 16 10:49:37 EST 2001

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>> I've been trying to figure out the canonical way to strip the line
>> endings from a text file.
>> In general, I can use:
>>     line = line[:-1]
>> or
>>     del line[-1:]
>> to strip the last character off the line, but this only works on
>> operating systems that have a one-byte line separator like Unix/Linux
>> ('\n').  The Win32 line separator is 2-bytes ('\r\n'), so this
>> solution is not portable.
> How about:
> line.endswith(os.linesep)

What about it?  I used it in code in the original post. I know it
exists and is my preferred method of _detecting_if_ a line ends in
the designated linesep for the host OS.

However, the rest of my original post raises questions regarding
actually _stripping_ the linesep.

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