Client/server chat program

neuromorphus neuromorphus at
Mon Dec 10 16:19:53 EST 2001


I'm creating a client/server chat program on my Linux system. It's a
group chat like ICQ, so all messages go through the server and then
broadcasted to online users. Note: for the time being, this program
will operate in a <b>terminal/console</b>, so no gui. 


The client program continuously asks for 'raw_input' from the user,and
then sends the msg to the server to be broadcasted. However, I can't
output messages to the terminal/console, if the client program is
waiting for input. What happens is that after the client types a
message. All previous output(of other users) are then flush to
that client's screen. In other words, how do i get client input and
display current messages to the client's screen without having to wait
for the clients input. NOte: this is a terminal. 

Telnet does it some kinda way(it works perfect), but i'm trying to get
my client to work the same way.

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