REPOST: Re: Was that to inpolite? Re: Call for a small program

Tom Karas Tom.Karas at
Sat Dec 29 16:32:30 EST 2001

Terry Reedy wrote:
> > Was my "Call" to inpolite?
> Sorry, don't remember rest of title or what it was about.

The title was: Call for a small program X-posting followup-to
comp.lang.python from friday
> > This may sound odd, but i would be even willing to pay for a
> > solution that would
> > fit the basic needs (running on windows and linux and some features)

> Willingness to pay is 'odd' only in that it tends to be unusual.  Did
> you mention this originally?

No, i did not. But i am mentioning it now to show that i am serious with
I have no idea how long someone already skilled in python has to hack to
get a solution
done, so i have no idea how the price supposed to be. 

Thanks for your answer. At least now i am sure that at least this
posting went right (had some problems with the first one)

The early bird catches the worm. 
If you want something else for breakfast, 
get up later.

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