Newbie - Exporting Excel Spreadsheet

James Fugard jfugard at
Wed Dec 5 16:34:04 EST 2001

TIA for any help that I may get. I have a small project that I'm
trying to do in Python...and I'm a hack at best! Here is what I'm
trying to do. Call and capture a row in an Excel spreadsheet and then
use manipulate the data in the cell of the various columns.

Here is what I've been able to get some far:

# Call all used modules
import os,win32api,glob,odbc,dbi,time
# Make the database connection using the system DNS
MyConnection = odbc.odbc('Client_Data_Log')
MyCursor = MyConnection.cursor()
MyCursor.execute('SELECT * FROM "Client Data Log$"') # the sheet name
print MyCursor.fetchall() 

This will give me everything + a bunch of dbi time stuff. If someone
could tell me where to find info on calling a particular cell or a
piece of sample code to follow(like G12 for example) that would be
great. Thanks again. James

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