Jam BOF at IPC10 ?

Barry A. Warsaw barry at wooz.org
Wed Dec 12 07:56:42 EST 2001

There are a bunch of musicians in the Python world, and many of them
are going to be at IPC10 in February.  There have been some rumblings
about trying to put together an informal (mostly acoustic) jam, and
I've requested a BOF session for it. :)

In order to see if there's any wider interest, and to coordinate
things if so, I've put together a temporary mailing list to discuss
jamming at IPC10:


and mail to

    ipc10jam at python.org

Feel free to join up.  If we can get an idea of the size of the event
we can ask the hotel in advance for a suitable room.

leave-the-marshal-stack-at-home-though-ly y'rs,

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