wxPython w/ IDLE under WinXP Pro

Warren Postma warren-postma at NOSPAM.rogers.com
Fri Dec 21 22:11:23 EST 2001

"Adonis Vargas" <deltapigz at telocity.com> wrote in message
news:3c23dcd2$1_2 at nopics.sjc...
> i am unable to use wxPython under WinXP Pro??? although the demo works
> fine???

Go back to Python 2.1 for a little bit, because unless you've recompiled it
yourself, the wxPython
you downloaded is probably for Python 2.1, and not for Python 2.2.  Binary
extensions (.pyd on windows)
are not compatible between releases, due to internal changes in the
interpreter and data structures, between versions.

Either that, or recompile wxPython for yourself, under 2.2.


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