Newbie : Installing Python locally in acct on shared server

Tom Bryan tbryan at
Sun Dec 2 20:33:11 EST 2001

brian donovan wrote:

> Quick background : I am a Python newbie and I think that I fit into a
> large demographic of potential Python users - the users who can't/don't
> learn to use Python because they don't have access to up-to-date
> installations (other than the one that they can set up on the machine in
> their apartment).  I am comfortable programming in Perl and PHP because
> they have been installed on the systems that I've worked with as well as
> on the servers where I host.
> I would like to begin to pick up Python, but my hosts' admins are
> unwilling/unable to get a newer version installed.  They have, however,
> told me that I'm more than welcome to install whatever version of Python
> that I like on my own account.  

That's why Marc created the following page.  Perhaps it's time for us all 
to contribute packages for Python-2.0 or 2.1b2.


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