UK Python event, April 3-6 2002 - speakers wanted!

Andy Robinson andy at
Wed Dec 12 09:35:54 EST 2001

The Association of C and C++ Users is holding their
conference on the above dates.  There's lots of general
stuff on XML, C, C++ and Java, with good speakers including
Stroustrup himself.

Location is still uncertain but somewhere between Oxford
and Stratford-on-Avon (endpoints included).

They have offered to host a Python track and I've got 2
days to find some speakers.  Duncan Booth will give a
Python tutorial, and I will do something on ReportLab.
Can anyone else give talks? could be on anything from a
case study to an app or library you would like to showcase.

Please reply direct to me with a brief synopsis, speaker
bio and desired time slot.  Some Zope stuff would be welcome
as well.

Speakers can expect free admission and possibly expenses;
for others the cost is likely to be under £100 per day.
This is the perfect opportunity for a 'first UK python
conference' so let's go for it!

Andy Robinson
CEO and Chief Architect, ReportLab Inc.

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