State of the SysAd art (was: vi or emacs for editing Python on Linux?)

Skip Montanaro skip at
Tue Dec 25 16:37:19 EST 2001

    >> Furthermore, when it comes to programming, I would hope that a
    >> company that has machines all over the world would have learned the
    >> joys of a CVS server which would also fill in on the above.  Edit on
    >> one machine, commit, ssh to the machine that needs it, cvs update.

    Cameron> Does this match others' experience?  I continue to run into
    Cameron> plenty of production hosts which have barely been maintained
    Cameron> for up to four years, let alone outfitted with such new-fangled
    Cameron> decorations as a properly-installed ssh.

I would hope that if you are allowing access over the net to such machines
that you are using ssh s/key or some other tools that let you avoid raw
telnet or rsh protocols.  We've been broken in often enough even running ssh
and trying to keep things buttoned down.

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