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Mon Dec 31 05:30:08 CET 2001

There is a brand new OReilly that has just come out called Python & XML,
by Jones and Drake.

David Lees

John Hunter wrote:
> >>>>> "Rajarshi" == Rajarshi Guha <rxg218 at> writes:
>     Rajarshi> Hi, could somebody point me to some code/tutorial
>     Rajarshi> describing how to use Python to parse XML - I tried
>     Rajarshi> delving into the Python docs, but it seems
>     Rajarshi> confusing. Whats the difference between expat and sax?
>     Rajarshi> How can I generate a parsers etc.
> expat is a XML parser by James Clark written in C.  SAX (Simple API
> XML) is an event driven API for XML parsing.  You may need to do a
> little background research on XML parsing and event driven parsers
> before the python docs will start tom make sense to you.
> You may be interested in, which provides a set
> of XML tools for use in python.
> There is also at least one book devoted to XML in python:
> Have fun,
> John Hunter

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