strict python?

Suchandra Thapa ssthapa at
Sat Dec 8 03:47:58 EST 2001

Brian Sturk <bsturk at> wrote:
>def func ( self ):
>     print hello
>def call_func( self ):
>     self.func      <--- no parentheses
>my script that had code like this ran fine, but
>didn't call the function.  I would have thought that
>this would have been an error since there was no
>assignment of any kind.

    I would really object to that.  I use expressions
like self.func to refer to functions and to create function
lookups all the time.  E.g. returning self.func so that 
the it can be used later as a callback or some other function.
It's also pretty handy to have a dictionary that associates 
functions with xml elements for classes that extend the SAX 
ContentHandler class.  

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