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Jeff Hinrichs jlh at
Sat Dec 29 20:13:03 EST 2001

I saw these comments earlier today  and it got me thinking....
About a system were you could specify in your code a module, version and a
remotemodule server (ala cpan)  something like this pseudo code popped in to
my head....

moduleName = Remote_Import(genericName, version, remoteHost, useLatest,
import moduleName as genericName

Where the remote_import function could specify a module and version and if
it wasn't installed fetch it from a remote host and install it.  Versioning
could be done by naming conventions and then if the import command allowed
something like the above you could say
    import distutils-1.0.9 as distutils
It would be easy then to refactor existing code to use this new system.

All of this is beyond my current python skills but I thought it might spark
something for someone else....


>>...I'd like to say that it almost seems like Python
> > is not that far away from allowing as a language feature:
> >
> > from import *
> >
> > or
> >
> > from import graphics
> >
> > where "" is some internet node.
> >
> > Wouldn't this go some way towards solving the problem of
> > encouraging more module sharing a la Perl's CPAN but in a
> > Python-esque way...?
> >
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> > Dr. David J. Ritchie, Sr.
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