Fate of win32all?

David Lees debl2Nonospammmy at bellatlantic.net
Sat Dec 22 18:30:15 CET 2001

This is a 'me too' reply, but I also want to thank Mark for the
PythonWin IDE, which as a long time windows I use regularly.  In fact,
at work, where Linux is the OS of choice, I still use PythonWin as an
editor on Samba mounted drives, while actually executing on the Linux
box (using an x-term client running on my local PC).  Very convenient,
because it allows use of the same editor at home and office.

david lees

Mark Hammond wrote:
> stalin wrote:
> > I've used win32all occasionally--always in noncommercial settings--and
> > have found it helpful.  I'd like to thank Mr. Hammond for developing
> > the packages
> My pleasure.
> > and ActiveState for supporting their recent maintenance
> > by employing Hammond.
> Unfortunately, I am no longer employed by ActiveState :(
> > Mr. Hammond had personally developed the win32 packages to
> > considerable maturity before he became involved with ActiveState.  His
> > employment by ActiveState appears to have come to an untimely end just
> > recently ( http://mail.python.org/pipermail/python-dev/2001-December/019038.html
> > ).  I don't mean to be insensitive--I'm sure Hammond has a lot on his
> > mind right now--but I wonder about the fate of win32all.  What role
> > does ActiveState now play in licensing the package?  Has the original
> > author lost a degree of his control over it to his former employer?
> Nope.  The win32all license remains unchanged.  See the license.txt
> files in the distribution.  Basically *anyone* is free to do whatever
> they choose with the package, including building their own distribution.
>   ActiveState have no special rights over this at all.
> Specifically, I fully intend releasing new win32all packages.
> ActiveState did have me working very hard on Komodo, but no longer ;)  I
> am leaving for a Christmas break, but intend getting a win32all out by
> the new year - if not, just a few days after.
> Mark.

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