Newbie : Installing Python locally in acct on shared server

Chris Gonnerman chris.gonnerman at
Sun Dec 2 10:09:09 EST 2001

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From: "brian donovan" <usenet at>

> situation
> -----------------------------------------------
> Apache 1.3.2, Linux
> My account name is "luser".
> My account is located in /home/luser
> I've gunzipped and untarred the .tgz and now I have a directory 
> /home/luser/Python-2.1.1
> I'd like to be able to point scripts to /home/luser/Python or 
> /home/luser/Python-2.1.1.
> -----------------------------------------------
> I've read the README and Makefle that accompany the distro and tried to 
> use the --prefix=/home/user/Python when I ./configure part of the # 
> ./configure, make, make test, make install dance and have gotten basic 
> "hello world" type scripts pointing at this install to work, but 
> anything that imported a module (any module) failed.


First, I'd recommend 

    ./configure --prefix=/home/luser
    make test
    make install

Make sure any script you write has


at the top.

This really should work...

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