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> I have been wondering again about the best way of handling a
> collection of Windows registry key additions, deletions or changes as
> part of registering a Python COM server.
> 4. Wrap atl.dll and make it part of the standard Windows distribution.
> changes the specs for .rgs scripts. (Mind you, isn't this stuff meant
> to become less of an issue?) Option 4 looks nicest to me.

Maybe not to Microsoft's legal department, though.  It would be at
least wise to check with them rather than assuming they'd be glad to
see some of their "redistributables" redistributed this way (i.e., as
a part of a development environment).

> What do others think?

Wrapping _winreg (or the win32all equivalent thereof) seems the
most clever option to me.  Such a wrapper might be part of some
Python distribution (or more sensibly of win32all).


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