Difference between 'import' and 'from ... import'

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>As far as I know, the only thing that could have created an __init__.py
>file is you. <wink> Doing a "from ... import" wouldn't. Just FYI.
>Perhaps you copied one over? Or got it some other way? Frankly, I'm not
>sure why there *isn't* one by default.

Woops, looks like I was getting my wucking fords muddled again, and 
suffering from keyboard confuse to boot. What I *meant* to say was that I 
must have created an __init__.py so that I could use 'from ... import'. 

I will proof read before I post, I will proof read before I post ..

>You're very welcome.

No, thank you.

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Retiring-in-silence-ly yr's,
Content free posts a speciality

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