Wrap C function which takes variable lengthed parameters?

Just van Rossum just at xs4all.nl
Thu Dec 13 17:57:32 EST 2001

Erik Max Francis wrote:
> Courageous wrote:
> > Ouch! There's a way to do this, if I recall. Something to do
> > with generating the varargs and prepping it correctly. Whether
> > or not you can do this _portably_ is not something that I recall.
> Yes.  Varargs can be used to make a va_list and pass that into another
> function.  Use of varargs and va_list are ANSI compliant.

But you can't contstruct a va_list and pass it to a _vararg_ function;
or at least it's not standard, portable, etc. See eg.


Unless I missed something, I think this is what the OP wanted.


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