Are there any PEPs for typed arguments?

Brian Quinlan brian at
Sun Dec 2 14:08:10 EST 2001

F. GEIGER wrote:
> Are there any ideas to promote these lines
> def meth(a, b, c, d):
>    assert type(a) == IntType
>    assert type(b) == StringType
>    assert isinstance(c, MyClass)
>     <meth body>
>    return
> into something like this:
> def meth(a: IntType, b: StringType, c: MyClass, d):
>    <meth body>
>    return
> in a future version of Python?

I think that a better question is why are you adding these asserts in
the first place?

Are you claiming that "meth" would not work correctly if I passed a
small long for "a" or that I could not use a instance that supports
__getitem__ (that always returns a length 1 string), __len__ and a few
other string methods for "b"?

So why restrict the use of compatible types?


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